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Samsung becomes the third largest chip manufacturer, leaving Apple Behind

Samsung, a manufacturing giant for smartphones, and other components related to smartphones such as chips, controllers, display panels, storage and memory devices, processors and camera sensors. A report by the counterpoint states that Samsung has captured 3 positions in the global market for mobile processors and has surpassed Apple. Apple has a total share of […]

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Facebook- the Social Media Giant, taking steps to fight the Virus

The corona virus outbreak has lead to people being quarantines in their homes using internet to get away with the boredom of being at one place and avoiding socialising with friends or colleagues. Hence people are moving towards digital connections and contacts using the internet by taking advantage of the various features of Video calling […]

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Here’s what2 Billion WhatsApp Users should do about Upgrade

WhatsApp announced that it had hit the two billion user milestone on February 12. Those users are now being exposed to a recurring security risk. That risk revolves around a warning that spread about a malicious WhatsApp message that first appeared back in 2016. The warning, which spread virally as these things have a habit of doing, […]

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Satellite images and artificial intelligence used to find Vietnam War-era unexploded bombs

Unexploded bombs from the Vietnam War can be searched with the help of technology. Scientists and researchers from Ohio State University are using sophisticated artificial intelligence technology and satellite images to find out these unexploded bombs. This technology already has been used in Cambodia to study Vietnam War-era bomb craters. According to one of the […]

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Google Forays into Online Game Streaming Zone with the Novel Launch of its Version, Stadia

As the fever of online gaming peaks globally, companies such as Google is gradually pulling up their socks to compete against hardcore game developers. Online gaming is a sporadically expanding platform, targeting diligent internet surfers and employees alike as the area is a fast-developing one with multilayered opportunities. Imminent launch of 5G and extended internet […]

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