Gesture Recognition Technology Offering Efficient Communication

Gesture recognition is an excellent technology that recognizes human emotions by the use of computing devices. This technology involves the number of methods such as voice, face recognition, leg movement, eye tracking, IRIS, and lip movement. Gesture recognition is an alternate user interface that offers real-time data to the computer system. In addition, the technological […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Aerospace Plastic Market

Aerospace plastic is nothing but the highly engineered polymers which is used in the production of the number of components and parts in the aerospace industry. However, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), acrylics, polycarbonates, as well as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) are some of the types of aerospace plastics. On the other hand, these types of plastics […]

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Business Technology

Structured Cabling Market: Improving Efficiency of the Data Transmission

The structured cabling system is a term defined as the integration of associated hardware and set of cables to offer inclusive telecommunication infrastructure to a number of management systems. This telecommunication infrastructure allows the transmission of video & voice and data signal to another system. In addition to this, for the development of a well-organized […]

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Put Your Consumers and Employees on Same Page with Social Intranet Software

A social intranet is a tool that integrates social technology, multimedia creation, powerful search, and sharing capabilities. It also creates a collaboration and communication hub that can be easily achieved to get work done. However, social intranet software plays the huge roles. But, its basic function is to aid enterprises to succeed by enhancing collaboration […]

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Press Release Technology

Robotic System Integration for Automating Industrial Tasks

Robotic system integration is nothing but the process of outfitting and programming of robots to automatically perform the manufacturing tasks. The robotic system integrators evaluate system requirements of end-users and offer a special plan for automation. It also provides support for commissioning, programming, repair, and maintenance. In addition to this, system integrators aid in merging […]

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Business Chemical and Material

Bio-based Powder Coatings to Remain Significant Disruptors in Powder Coatings Market

Powder coating technology is showing optimistic growth trends with visible adoption rise across multiple end-user applications more particularly in furniture and construction materials that necessitate the adoption of temperature-resistant coatings. Besides tangible progress in end-user applications such as manufacturing and construction, new technological breakthroughs in powder coating technologies are poised to offer remarkable returns in […]

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Business Internet

Growing Popularity of Healthcare E-commerce

The E-commerce industry has proven to be time savvy as well as worthy owing to its reduced product prices and immense convenience. The e-commerce industry is worth around $2.80 Trillion and it is now capturing the healthcare industry too. As per the report, the annual growth of web services technology and e-commerce in healthcare is […]

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AI-based Digital Pathology Spikes up Therapeutic Improvements in Cancer Diagnostics

Like therapeutics, diagnosis and pathology verticals are also witnessing major transformations in the medical fraternity. The emergence of digital slides is strongly backed by concurrent developments across telemedicine and teleconsultation. Advances such as Whole Slide Imaging and AI are paving way for further advances such as image recognition and deep learning. In present times, AI-backed […]

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Gadgets Press Release Technology

Regain Your Independence with Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are the type of mechanical devices which are used by aged or disabled people for vertical mobility. Stair lifts enable these people to travel between the high-rise buildings and floors effectively. However, stair lifts may find its applications in several sectors such as hospitals and clinics, residential buildings, commercial building such as offices […]

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Undeniably Important Aspects of Experience UX

User expertise is not only about graphic designing anymore. User expertise allows end-users to effectively get their work done. A good user interface design is a small part of successful user expertise. The interface defines the ‘face’ of the application and the user expertise defines the impression the appliance makes on the tip user.  Successful […]

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