WHO-ITU: Collaborating to Unleash Information Technology to Fight Against COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic is almost hitting all corners of the world. The situation is still not under control where all the major country’s are also suffering from coronavirus. The world Health Organization (WHO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) combined to defend individuals from COVID-19. WHO and ITU got support from UNICEF and they are set […]

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Alibaba Cloud Joins CDSA Committee Technology for its Cloud Platform

Alibaba Cloud, one of the leading Intelligence backbone of the Alibaba group, has today revealed it’s recent electric membership with the CDSA (Content Delivery & Security Association) committee, determining the significance of its secure, reliable, as well as scalable platform that is currently used by number of international media and entertainment Industries. However, Alibaba Cloud […]

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Facebook Gaming Introduces Virtual Tournaments amid COVID-19

Facebook Gaming, the leading game streaming service of the social media giant, has announced a new update called Tournaments on its platform. However, as the name suggest, the Tournaments feature will enable users to join, create, and organize virtual tournaments service in various different forms. The feature will also enable users to follow, create, and […]

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MIT makes new progress on brain implants

The global lockdown crippling economies and businesses tangibly, however has failed in arresting technological breakthroughs with far-reaching abilities to bolster human civilization to the next level. In a recent event, MIT engineers have affirmed their successful venture to create a 3D model of brain implants. MIT scientists are trying to generate soft rubbery brain implants […]

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Chinese SaaS Veteran, iClick Partners with Tencent Culture and Tourism to Enhance Domestic Travel Offerings

China’s internet connectivity is perhaps on a global explosion spree right now on the back of an equally accelerating national population, most of which is accustomed to uninterrupted internet access. These developments are gradually pioneering novel opportunities in bolstering SaaS enterprise solutions and online marketing and advertising. Well, with most of the population accessing internet […]

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Google Duo Uses Machine Learning to Improve Audio Quality during Calls

People all over the world are using audio and video calls on a broader level. Given the corona virus pandemic, this number has increased tremendously. However, with the increased amount, some audio and networking issues are arising while connecting to people.  Google announced that they are coming with the new PLC system that aimed at […]

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Google and Facebook Eying Major Disruption with their Flagship Video Sharing Apps Shorts and Lasso

China based TIkTok video sharing app is a new age platform, enabling users to create diverse content such as comedy, talent videos as well as lip sync content and short dance videos. The app is touted to have amassed whopping revenue worth over $7 billion in 2019 and is likely to follow the same trend […]

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