WHO-ITU: Collaborating to Unleash Information Technology to Fight Against COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic is almost hitting all corners of the world. The situation is still not under control where all the major country’s are also suffering from coronavirus. The world Health Organization (WHO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) combined to defend individuals from COVID-19.

WHO and ITU got support from UNICEF and they are set to collaborate with the telecommunication companies to forward the vital health text on their mobile to take necessary precautionary measures. These text messages will help billions of people to receive the crucial information which they were unable to receive due to lack of internet connectivity.

This collaboration will majorly began from the Asia Pacific and will move across the globe. The main motive is to utilize the technology to ensure that every human being can access the vital information related to corona virus pandemic. This will largely help the people who are from low income group and hence don’t have the internet connectivity. This will also help to people who do have Internet but remain offline due to different scenarios.
However, WHO and ITU has call out all the major organizations across the world join the initiative. The major aim of this initiative is unleashing the significant power of communication technology in the huge cause of saving people from COVID-19.

COVID-19 pandemic is certainly the first health crisis where social media and communication technology are being massively used in order to keep people safe. This certainly a great success in the century where lives being saved while being physically apart.

WHO and ITU has a great hope from this initiative where they are teaming with the telecommunication companies to join this battle against corona virus pandemic. The coming time will let us know how this will turn out and help to survive in the difficult time.

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