Alibaba Cloud Joins CDSA Committee Technology for its Cloud Platform

Alibaba Cloud, one of the leading Intelligence backbone of the Alibaba group, has today revealed it’s recent electric membership with the CDSA (Content Delivery & Security Association) committee, determining the significance of its secure, reliable, as well as scalable platform that is currently used by number of international media and entertainment Industries.
However, Alibaba Cloud is one of the largest Chinese cloud service providers across the globe which is to be elected to the Community and presented around 17 members to this committee for their yearly term. The CDSA Committee is majorly formed by industry experts in the too service provider community that will advise committees Content and Board Advisors on the innovative control framework as well as business model for cloud and applications clod security evaluations.
The new technology services and enhanced workflows for security & compliance, IP protection which are rationalizing the way content is generated, delivered, and managed.
The company is also a new member of the committee and the MESA (Media and Entertainment Service Alliance). As the first Chinese firm to become a MESA member, the international leading cloud providers will function with more than 150 member organization’s to increase efficiencies and aid allow digital transformation of the media and entertainment companies.
Thus, one of six technology communities in MESA, the committee supports content protection and cybersecurity services in the media and entertainment Industries such as those responsible for television, film, games, entertainment, and music.
“We welcome Alibaba Cloud as our new member of CDSA Committee, as the company has stated it integrates a cooperative approach with their reliable capabilities in protecting data for the media and entertainment Industries”, said Guy Finley, President at CDSA and MESA.

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