WhatsApp Introduces New Feature for Making Video Calls Easier

WhatsApp planning to roll out a new update for its app which will now make video calls easier compared to previous calling feature on its platform. With this new feature, the instant messaging app has revealed that users will be able to make a video call or group call with the help of dedicated button.

Formerly, to make a video call, users will have to first clicks on the video call icon of the group chat in WhatsApp. After that, the user supposed to ask to select the group members which they want to call.

Thus, with the new upgrade, when the user taps on the video call icon, the call will start without any delay to add new members. On the other hand, this is one-step procedure will only accessible to groups which have four members of less than it.

User cannot have more than 4 members on a video call. Moreover, this new update will work on both iOS as well as Android versions of the app.

Declaring the update on Twitter, WhatsApp revealed, “We have made it simpler than before ever to make a group call from the App for groups of four of less. However, from group chats click the voice or video call icon to start a call with other person in the chat!”

Owing to the ongoing lockdown in around all regions such as India and other, where WhatsApp has a huge user support, there has been an increase in video conferencing around the world.

There are many users from bureaucrats to businessmen are relying on conference apps like Skype, Zoom, and others. Therefore, WhatsApp is trying to gain with offering easier usage of it.


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