Facebook Gaming Introduces Virtual Tournaments amid COVID-19

Facebook Gaming, the leading game streaming service of the social media giant, has announced a new update called Tournaments on its platform. However, as the name suggest, the Tournaments feature will enable users to join, create, and organize virtual tournaments service in various different forms. The feature will also enable users to follow, create, and join live gaming tournaments that will also have an equipped charity tool enabling users to support major causes.

Since these tournaments are integrated into the Facebook Gaming service itself, users would be able to host virtual tournaments as well as stream them while hosting it.

However, Facebook also told that it is introducing the Tournaments update on its Gaming platform as an early-adoption programme. The feature is launched the update to help users stay connected during this ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Social distancing means people need to be apart, but such games can still bring people together virtually. So today we are offering early access top Facebook Gaming tournaments, an update to help user stay connected via games,” Facebook revealed in a blog post.

The company also believes that, anyone can join or start a tournament on Facebook Gaming. With this feature, user can play with his friends or an e-sports competition globally. However, there are different models such as round robin, elimination, as well as double elimination. Users can select any online platform or game for organizing virtual tournaments.

This feature is already live on the app. It shows an option like ‘Create a Tournament’ along with two sub-options – ‘Suggested Tournaments’ and ‘Your Tournaments.’  However, ‘Your Tournaments’ shows the matches that is user has participated or crated, while ‘Suggested Tournaments,’  enables users to browse among all the current gaming tournaments.

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