Spotify App now Works with Siri for Music Streaming

With a new update, Spotify app now works with Siri on the Apple Watch by making user request through Siri for playing music. In this new feature, users can ask Siri to play the music through the app through the ending song demand with “on Spotify.” For this Siri has given the example like “Hey Siri, play the music on Spotify.”

This is a small upgrade; however it is an overdue one for the Apple Watch. In addition, the company now only started to allow third-party musical apps to combine it with Siri previous year with the introduction of watchOS 6 as well as iOS 13. Spotify instantly started supporting to the iPhone features, thus it’s taken still to explore to the Apple Watch.

However, by default, Siri offers music requests with the help of Apple Music only. Hence, the integration of Apple Music and Spotify has offered a benefit of Apple Music because it simplest service to directly reach through the voice. While there is still some minor issues in having to state “on Spotify”- For instance, Android enables their users to set their favored music streaming service as well as directly utilizes such features for future voice commands. Thus, it is significant step ahead. It is important to note, on Apple Watch, user must to stay hands-free if you wish to change the music you are listening.

In addition, Spotify app has criticized Apple since the past few years over anti-competitive behavior. Thus, Spotify’s major center of attention has been the App Store, while Apple Company subjects near around all the other companies to around 30% cut of sale or about 15 % on current subscriptions. Now this update shows how Apple is begun to ease up the music features.

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