Google Duo Uses Machine Learning to Improve Audio Quality during Calls

People all over the world are using audio and video calls on a broader level. Given the corona virus pandemic, this number has increased tremendously. However, with the increased amount, some audio and networking issues are arising while connecting to people.  Google announced that they are coming with the new PLC system that aimed at boosting the quality of Google Duo calls. Google’s new technology is targeting to replace audio jitter using artificial noise. This artificial noise sounds like a human speech.

As per Google’s source, their team has been working on this technology for some time. This was done to ensure the increase in the quality of Duo calls. In the recent blog post, Google stated that Google Duo’s audio quality would get improved with the new WavfeNetEQ technology.

The reason for the drop in calls occurs as it can’t maintain a proper connection. With the help of the new WaveNetEQ, it will be possible to reduce the mission audio.

With the ongoing corona virus pandemic, there is a rapid increase in the usage of video calling apps. The reliability of these apps for communication purposes has grown tremendously. There were rumors in the past regarding the shutdown of Google’s Dou app, and they have suddenly come up with this new features that will be added to the service.

During the last week, Google has updated the Duo chat app. With this update, they have increased the group video call’s user limit. Now, during a single call, 12 people can communicate with each other.  The company has also added another exciting feature to the Google Duo. Under this feature, now Duo users can send doodles and notes to their contacts.

These added features will certainly attract more users towards Google’s Duo video calling app.

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