Facebook- the Social Media Giant, taking steps to fight the Virus

The corona virus outbreak has lead to people being quarantines in their homes using internet to get away with the boredom of being at one place and avoiding socialising with friends or colleagues. Hence people are moving towards digital connections and contacts using the internet by taking advantage of the various features of Video calling on Facebook, Instagram and other social media applications or streaming live on Instagram which helps the people to connect with their followers and friends in real-time.

The statistics say that the usage of Facebook live and Instagram live and video has been increased by about 70 percent due to the corona virus outbreak all around the globe.

The amount of time that people spend on the video calls is been doubled week over week as stated by the reports.

Moreover, the usage of WhatsApp messenger for video calls and voice calls has doubled amid the corona virus pandemic as per the reports.

These social media giants have taken initiatives to help government health organisations against the corona virus outbreak in many countries  using the messenger application.

On Monday, Facebook announced that they will be connecting with their development partners and help them use messenger as effectively as possible to increase their response for Corona Virus pandemic to help the government health organisations and the health agencies which are creating awareness and fighting against the pandemic.

People all over the globe are turning towards using Facebook and other digital content platforms. In Europe, millions of people are confined to their homes into self quarantine or work from home situations to reduce the spread of corona virus. Facebook has taken a decision to decrease the quality of streaming of video content in the country which will lead to decrease the pressure on the internet which is caused by a lot of people using the internet for streaming or to work from home amid corona virus outbreak.

The social networking giant Facebook says that the developer partners are going o share their services without any cost showing them and guiding them with instructions such as how to use messenger for sharing the timely information with the other local communities with are around them and increase the speed of replies to the questions that are been asked commonly with the advanced tools by messenger such as automatic responses.

The Company claims to start an online hackathon which will invite the developers and indulge them into developing messaging solutions that will be focused to address the issues related to the corona virus which will include questions related to social distancing and others which will ensure people’s access to accurate information discouraging the spread of rumours and incorrect information which are being circulated.

All the participants of hackathon will have an access to messenger’s unique tools and the content as well as the educational material from Facebook to guide through their innovations and ideas.

There will be a prize for the winners where they receive mentoring from the Facebook engineers which will help them to make their idea a reality as stated by the tech Giant.

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