New Video App Launched for Work From Home Professionals

A few professionals think that working from home delivers negative vibes. When had a conversation with the professional regarding the same, the answers delivered were “it becomes difficult to concentrate on the work when you are on bed”, “working from home is quite depressing as you miss your co-workers and also miss the speed of your the way we work at office”, and “working from home is quite disturbing as you wish to spend time with the family more than spend time looking at the screen and work.”

Due to the increasing coronavirus pandemic, millions around the world are working from home and looking forward to getting a better internet connection to have video conversation with their co-workers regarding work. Understanding the concern of the professionals, the world has got one video app called Zoom.

Zoom is one such video-based application that offers the feature of video conferencing and experience smooth video chat even if in the weak internet network. Also, Zoom has one amazing feature as the users can also run other applications on the screen even when the user is on a video call. This app has the ability to different realities, to avoid social distancing, self-isolation, and trying to stay at home and protected from the Coronavirus.

Moreover, the Zoom video chat apps hold another remarkable feature called Virtual Background. This feature allows users to make a video call with a fancy background such as sitting on a beach, restaurant, cafe, or a lavish apartment or a mansion. Putting this feature in the app, Zoom has confirmed its creativity and talent on developing such an interface to the app.

Zoom has a simple interface and functionality. It was way easy to download and install in your laptop or smartphone devices. All you have to do is open the Zoom app on your MacOS or Windows through web browser or smartphone devices such as iPhone or Android. As you open the app, the user has to move towards the setting- and select the option for Virtual Background. Then a number of options for Virtual Background will appear on your screen. The user can select according to its comfort. After selecting the Virtual Background you can go back to the screen, and contact some of your co-worker to show your interest in the cool Virtual Background.

The Zoom app was developed by a California person, and it offers a number of features for users on every possible device. Moreover, it also provides a free tier subscription for personal meeting the user is allowed to host over 100 participants at once with the time limit of 40 minute. The Zoom has reasonable subscription plans for small and large teams with $14.99 per month and $19.99 per month, respectively.

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