Microsoft to Come Out Stronger, Says CEO Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft believes that he is more confident that they will make the company stronger even with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.

Further, he said that they have a positive balance sheet to show, as they own different businesses and mix of annuity, non-annuity, that is even stronger than even they witnessed the financial crisis in the previous years. They are pretty confident that they will be reaching closure to success.

Nadella confirms his statement with the statement that the company’s cloud services and Azure were experiencing a lot of pressure on board as millions of people are working remotely. Microsoft’s Team is also the one to provide a work-from-home facility to the employees. The team is also looking for educational purposes, to provide education to the employees regarding the software and related work as a break from work. It is a good thing that they understand the feeling of working from home and how the time can be made more productive. A few things are possible from work-from-home than actually being on a desk at the office.

Nadella dropped a statement that if ever the world was into the existence of previous generation data center architectures or software architectures, this crisis of work would be more effective and can be a time saving for the entire organization.

With the sharp mind of Nadella, Microsoft is planning and searching for the availability of hardware products and expecting to get back the supply chain in Asia. Nadella also shared his concern about the demand rate in the United States and Europe which have been falling down due to the widespread coronavirus across the region. The region is completely locked down and no other factories or businesses are running. This is eventually a big loss for the world and it results in harm to the world in terms of business and profits.

Nadella shared his opinion about the uncharted territory that they are living in uncharted territory and they are more uncertain and unsettled. In the past few weeks, the whole world is concerned about the health and safety of their families, co-workers, and friends.

He also expressed to his wife that his wife is far away from him in India. Moreover, one can sense the struggle of the people in the local community and across the world, as everything is closed right from the streets, restaurants, and other public places.

Nadella is hoping to retain the normal situation and start the routine as it was earlier as a normal life. The cases still are increasing in almost every region, but we can still hope for the best to come by taking care of our family, friends, and co-workers by staying at home and not roaming around. He lastly added that Microsoft is in support with the people who need help in terms of food, wages, and more.

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