Google Forays into Online Game Streaming Zone with the Novel Launch of its Version, Stadia

As the fever of online gaming peaks globally, companies such as Google is gradually pulling up their socks to compete against hardcore game developers. Online gaming is a sporadically expanding platform, targeting diligent internet surfers and employees alike as the area is a fast-developing one with multilayered opportunities. Imminent launch of 5G and extended internet connectivity with advances in device ownership are likely to reckon heavy returns in the online gaming industry, thereby encouraging novel investments.

Google is coining massive advances in its online gaming services, Stadia. The brand is set to launch its latest version of games, Doom Eternal and to encourage sturdy participation globally, Google is also embracing innovative business strategies such as discounted rates on the same. At the recent launch, Google encouraged large scale participation with the new discounted offer worth $30 bringing down the price at $99 from a previous $129, The launch is indeed a grand one encompassing three-month subscription and additional features such as built-in controller and chrome cast ultra. The discounted launch rates of Doom Eternal took off this month and is anticipated to reflect favorably on the sales rates.

However, recent reviews of Google Stadia is a little underwhelming as subscribers are thoroughly agitated by its latency in slower internet connections. The game is robust and fun playing at very high internet connectivity, however, it loses its spark in slow connections. Features such as 4KHDR directed for PRO subscribers and compatibility from PC to mobile console further add to its novelty.

Google Stadia is a complete set of two exciting games, the Founders Edition and Blue Stadia Controller that are essentially game streaming services developed and commercialized by Google and is equipped with all the basic deliverables of a standard game streaming service that is compatible to one’s phones, a Chromecast Ultra and thus can be accessible on Stadia Controller itself besides also supporting Xbox One Controller and PS4 gamepad. The game is completely agile and is supported at low bandwidth pf 35Mbps to support a full-blown 4K HDR experience. The Google Stadia game is available for gamers right on the Google Stadia app and is supported on both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, the game is also touted to be supported on Google Pixel 3, 3a and 4 phones, though the configuration could be a little dicey.

Following its rather bumpy launch, Google Stadia is likely to bag an exclusive title conferred by a game studio, Splash Damage, rooted in London. The stakeholders, Google and Splash Damage are dually working on a partnership program to have a title for Stadia. The companies are envisioned to hit new games in early 2020, besides also launching Google Stadia across regions. Splash Damage is best known for its extensive range of multiplayer shooting games.

Looking forward to diversification in its gaming platform, Stadia, Google is likely to launch novel platforms such as Stadia Makers program to encourage individual game designers to publish their games right on Stadia. The announcement was made at a recently conducted program, Google for Games Developer Summit.

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