Apple is collaborating with BMW for new feature in iPhone as ‘CarKey’

9to5Mac revealed in February that Apple is developing a new feature for cars as a ‘CarKey’. This feature will help car drivers to switch physical key fobs with the help of their smartphone (iPhone). This new virtual key technology first invented for cars in beta version.

Further new features in the iOS 14 version is found out by 9to5Mac. This evidence reveals that Apple is working with BMW very soon. This means that BMW is likely to be the first car manufacturing company to support the futuristic exciting iPhone feature. When asked about their involvement with each other, 9to5Mac received this non-denial statement from BMW. This way, The BMW Group took an advanced step in the smooth integration of smart devices and will be the leading car manufacturing company in the future. And also the customers’ digital ecosystem in the early stage for this type of advancement in cars.

The key factor of this type of innovation and the idea is to offer customers with keyless, connected and simple access to their vehicles. Today it is possible to lock and unlock the vehicle with advanced features. Also we can start the engine and share the key of a vehicle with others with the help of BMW Digital Key. This function is a part of BMW which is connected to various devices like smartphones. But this innovation is only the first step being led and shaped by the BMW Group in a global technological transformation.

BMW explains the car connectivity association that they are responsible for setting the new features of Digital keys between car and connected devices to the car like Smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. In 2018, Apple’s connection with the CCC was already publically referenced remarkably. Charter member companies of CCC’s include Volkswagen, Samsung, Panasonic, LG Electronics, HYUNDAI, General Motors, BMW, Audi, and Apple as well. Furthermore, CCC includes some core members such as Qualcomm Incorporated, NXP, Gemalto, DENSO, Continental Automotive GmbH and ALPS ELECTRIC. Recently CCC made news by exposing some new features for Digital key of version 2.0. The Digital Key published 2.0 specification which powers NFC. It is a very short range of standard wireless connectivity for contactless communication. Thus, as much as possible CCC uses existing industry standards like NFC. This standards make sure of the high interoperability between vehicles and several number of industry devices available. Some companies can already support Digital Key Release 2.0 specifications such as BMW and Apple. And the experience of the Digital key will be further improved by new features added in version 3.0.

Hence the new features and specifications of Digital Key Release 3.0 will improve Digital Key Release 2.0 by adding passive, location-aware keyless access. Due to this technology, consumers will be able to access the car out without keeping their mobile phones with them, like that they access or start the vehicle by leaving their mobile phone in their pocket or bag and go anywhere. This passive access of the vehicle is not only more convenient but also an overall good experience of riding a car.

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