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Robotic System Integration for Automating Industrial Tasks

Robotic system integration is nothing but the process of outfitting and programming of robots to automatically perform the manufacturing tasks. The robotic system integrators evaluate system requirements of end-users and offer a special plan for automation. It also provides support for commissioning, programming, repair, and maintenance. In addition to this, system integrators aid in merging peripherals, robots, as well as manufacturing machinery within a single unit for performing several manufacturing tasks.  On the other hand, integration is the process of supplying and programming industrial robots to perform automated tasks. The growing demand for application-based industrial robots is one of the major trends of the global robotics system integration market. Owing to the existence of unskilled workers in the number of countries such as China, India, and many more have raised the demand of application-centric industrial robots.

In addition, the rising demand for combined robots, as well as huge growth of the industrial robotics industry, also assists to boost the robotics system integration market across the globe. Likewise, the rising research & development investment in the collaborative robotic market for the invention of next-generation robots also one of the major drivers is responsible for the growth of the global robotics system integration market. The global market for the robotic system integration market is likely to see the growing development with several technological innovations and huge investment in research & development in robotic science. In addition to this, developing regions are also growingly automation their daily manual processes by integrating robotics to increase production efficiency and reduce the operational cost. Moreover, there is a huge demand for robots in the number of sectors such as construction, healthcare, and others. Increasing robotics adoption in SMEs is also a common factor that is driving the growth of the market. In addition, Small and Large Enterprises demand low-cost and lighter robots that can be programmed and supplied easily in continuous production lines.

According to the geographical front, North America will be one of the major revenue-generating regions over the forecasted period. However, the robotics system integration market is anticipated to raise in the region along with the emergence of several system integrators who are extending their product portfolio and offerings from robotics automation solutions. In addition, the demand for maintenance, upgrades, as well as a refurbishment of the industrial robots also expected to generate high revenue across the region.

Furthermore, the material handling application segment dominated for the highest share in the global robotics system integration market, and it is expected to continue its dominance throughout the predicted period. However, this application is mostly inclined by growing demand form several end-user industries such as electronics, automotive, and many more rapidly installing the robotics system to automate their processes in the manufacturing units. Likewise, the growing production of the automotive industry offers a huge number of growth opportunities to the robotics system integration market across the world. On the other hand, the China region holds the highest market share in terms of the vehicle sales market.

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