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Growing Popularity of Healthcare E-commerce

The E-commerce industry has proven to be time savvy as well as worthy owing to its reduced product prices and immense convenience. The e-commerce industry is worth around $2.80 Trillion and it is now capturing the healthcare industry too. As per the report, the annual growth of web services technology and e-commerce in healthcare is more than $32.0 billion. However, owing to the increase in internet usage and easy access to e-commerce-based applications, healthcare in e-commerce is also likely to witness huge growth into the coming years. In recent years, many people are moving towards online products or shopping as compared to retail shopping.

In addition to this, e-commerce provides hospitals, clinics, as well as doctor’s offices and the opportunity to modernize their purchases of medical supplies and equipment. Thus, service providers of medical devices are growing shifting online to allow direct orders as well as delivery of the product. Owing to the improved usage of the internet for consumers to access medical care ad products, several healthcare companies are growing concerned about the internet presence quality. In addition, Data collection and transactions are growing online across the world, hence healthcare service providers need to be aware of their online presence.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical OTC medications, particularly the top five products such as Claritin allergy medicines, Mucinex cold medicines, Vicks dayQuil & NyQuil cold medicines, Tylenol pain relievers and Advil pain relievers are not usually, but the highly natural fit for online purchases. However, this is owing to the consumers to buy products online because of several reasons such as reliability, comfort, transparency, and flexibility.

The rewarding opportunities offered by the healthcare e-commerce market have encouraging several service providers to gain their market position.  This is helping to generate huge revenues and increasing their market footprint across the world. On the other hand, Amazon is one of the leading service providers for online medical care. In the United States, there are more than 80 million Amazon Prime consumer memberships in the year 2017.  According to the geographical front, North America is one of the largest and fast-growing healthcare e-commerce markets across the world in the year 2019 and it is likely to have a positive influence on the worldwide market over the predicted period.

In addition to this, the existence of major pharma players and key online retail along with several business strategies and innovations are increasing healthcare e-commerce adoption in the region. However, Apple’s patient-based vision prioritizes customers. On the other hand, Google making substantial developments to implement artificial intelligence to everything from medical equipment to lifestyle management services. Likewise, Microsoft is constructing health data management with its Azure cloud platform.

Furthermore, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to be a leading market due to the huge consumer base as well as growing technological advancements. Significant rise in life expectancy along with increasing demand for high-quality healthcare products has helped to growing online healthcare demand; this factor is responsible for the growth of the healthcare e-commerce market across the region.

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