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Bio-based Powder Coatings to Remain Significant Disruptors in Powder Coatings Market

Powder coating technology is showing optimistic growth trends with visible adoption rise across multiple end-user applications more particularly in furniture and construction materials that necessitate the adoption of temperature-resistant coatings. Besides tangible progress in end-user applications such as manufacturing and construction, new technological breakthroughs in powder coating technologies are poised to offer remarkable returns in the coming years, pushing the global powder coatings market towards sustainable growth.

Powder coatings are being extensively mainstreamed to meet diverse commercial and consumer expectations. Powder particles cling to the surface planes electronically, resulting in a sheen surface coating to render a uniform, sturdy and glamorous appeal. One of the core advantages of powder coating over solvents is high durability at affordable pricing options complementing a wide variety of metal surfaces.

Powder coating offers superlative impact resistance against commonplace developments such as chipping, drying, fading, and the like. Thus, powder coating surfaces are extremely colorfast and resilient. Additionally, on the back of consumer expectations for non-reactive agents, powder coatings continue to remain top choices as powder coatings are devoid of solvents that promote allergies of the throat, nose, and mouth.

A contrast to liquid or solvent-based coatings, powder coatings demonstrate minimal time consumption. Additionally, an eco-friendly attribute of powder coatings is most celebrated as powder coatings contain no volatile organic compounds and hence pose no emissions. Factors as such offer rife growth conditions, pushing powder coatings market towards ample growth.

With astonishing developments across electrical appliances and the automotive industry, powder coatings are likely to bask in steady demands.AT present powder coatings alternatives include significant amounts of metal traces owing to their thermal capacity and high levels of conductivity. Hence, manufacturers in powder coatings space are fast expanding their product portfolio with new additions of improved curing capacity at low temperatures. Additionally, stringency in environment protection regulations is further steering high pitched developments in eco-friendly product development. Therefore, substituting petroleum-based resins are soon to be replaced with other durable and eco-friendly bio-based alternatives.

Battelle Extends its Investments in Soybean Oil derivatives to Replace Petrochemicals in Powder Coatings

Soy-based powder coatings are the next big thing in the realm of paintings and coatings. Market participants are banking on natural ingredients such as soy-based bio ingredients to enhance weather resistance and durability, besides being completely sustainable and eco-friendly.

Owing to its inherent hydrophobic element, soy oil has better water and chemical resistance, hence its ample use in powder coatings offerings. Soybean oil and soy-based products are therefore used as petrochemical substitutes to ensure low VOC. USB (United Soybean Board) funded by soybean farmers is a dedicated institution investing in R&D and commercialization of soybeans in the US.USB is co-working with Battelle to produce soybean oil-based powder coatings ideal for low temperature.

Developments as such are poised to garner million dollar growth opportunities in the global powder coatings market in the coming years. However, a tangible bottleneck in the full-fledged adoption of bio-based powder coatings is the dwindling prices of petrochemicals. This is expected to mar adoption rates considerably in the forthcoming years.

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