Service Robotics: Improving Quality and Accuracy of Work

Service robotics technology helps robots performs several useful tasks for human assistance apart from industrial automation applications. Service robotics has witnessed a huge adoption among the number of personal as well as professional applications as it offers benefits such as the delivery of high-quality and accurate services, improved usability, reduced human errors, high reliability, and reduced operational costs. In addition, professional service robotics is used in several industries such as defense & security, healthcare, forestry, agriculture, construction, professional cleaning, logistics, and others. However, personal service robots are employed for entertainment and domestic purpose as well.

In addition, service robotics has witnessed an increased acceptance due to increased investment in research & development, high labor cost, increasing awareness about the benefits of service robotics, lack of skilled workforce, and raised demand for automation in personal as well as professional sectors. Likewise, growing acceptance of smartphones, an increase in emerging economies, and increasing application areas are crucial factors contributing to the growth of global service robotics market. In addition to this, an increasing need to control, manage, and monitor the number of applications in the logistics, healthcare, household, and defense sectors along with growing labor cost is fueling the demand for service robotics across the world. However, difficulties in managing workloads, daily tasks, and intensive operations are also expected to boost the demand for service robotics into the coming future.

The global service robotics market is growing at a very rapid pace due to increasing product innovations, high R&D investments, and raised consumer awareness regarding robots benefits.  In addition, such services are having a huge demand for human assistance tasks as it gains efficiency, reduces work pressure, and saves time. The number of organizational innovations and huge government initiatives, which promotes the adoption of automated & robotic system, as it offers various growth opportunities across the globe. However, the service robotics industry is working to monitor and inspect various processes and workflows with a huge number of sectors. This monitoring is done with the help of networked robotics. Such services enable organizations to systematize the processes. The performance and accuracy of service robots have rapidly increased since the last few years. This is owing to the increasing developments in processing and hardware integration.

According to the geographical expansion, the North American market for service robotics is accounted for one of the largest markets across the globe, as the region has a technologically advanced economy, cloud-based ML, improved quality chips, and reduced cost sensors. Such factors are anticipated to drive the high demand for service robotics into the coming years. In addition, the United States market is holding the highest revenue share in the emerged economy. However, Canada region is expected to remain a healthy growth rate over the forecast period. Major Service providers are mainly focusing on developing innovative technologies, launching new products, and improving the product portfolio with improved features. In addition, major providers in this market offer wide-ranging robotics for supporting huge number of applications.

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