Redmi ‘s new teaser of a smartphone with 64 MP camera out

Mobile phone manufacturer Redmi officially posted images of its upcoming smartphone with 64MP camera. With this teaser images it is clear that Redmi is not working on smartphone with 64MP camera.

In May Samsung unveiled its new smartphone with 64 MP camera and became first mobile company to use 64MP camera in the smartphone. Now Redmi is coming with smartphones with 64 MP camera setup. Redmi already posted camera sample on its Weibo official profile.

With these releases now mobile manufacturers are heading towards making mobile phones with 64MP cameras. In past we have seen companies are stressing towards making powerful AI enabled cameras which can take quality pictures and videos.

According to the Xiaomi subsidiary the industries are officially entering in the ear of smartphones with 64MP cameras and soon phones with 64 MP sensors will come into market.

The posted image does not provide any details about the sensor used. But it is saying to come with the 64 MP camera. The sample photo quality is really good.

According to the teaser the upcoming Redmi smartphone is based on the Tetracell binding technology which pushes out 16 MP photos in a low light environment.  This technology is being used these days in many smartphones.

The resolution of 64 MP is really good but it is recommended to have good lighting to take photos. So, in low light conditions the photo quality will be low.

We are expecting that the new phone will improved to Full HD videos at 480 fps.

Redmi still not revealed more information about this mobile phone or any details about the possible launch date.

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