iPhone XR 2 with bigger battery than iPhone XR, rumors, releasing date, Specifications

Like the past year this year also Apple is expected to release two iPhones; as per the rumors successor to the iPhone XS will be iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The next genre of iPhone series will be iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2. There are several rumors are stating about the upcoming iPhone launches, i.e., iPhone XR successor aka iPhone XR 2. The rumors pointed out that the upcoming iPhone XR 2 will be powered by a bigger battery system than the predecessor.

Sources say that iPhone XR 2 was attached with bigger battery than the predecessor iPhone XR which was highly acclaimed by the iPhone fans and the critics from across the world. The source also said that the size of the iPhone XR2 will be 5% bigger than the iPhone XR, which may give more durability of power back up than the previous one.  The iPhone XR released with a 2,942mAh battery that expresses iPhone XR successor aka the iPhone XR 2 will be with a bigger capacity of 3,110mAh battery. It means the iPhone XR 2 users will get an iphone with a longer life battery capacity than the previous genre users.

The leaks also mentioned that Chinese Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) is busy with the massive production of iPhone batteries for its successor `Apple’s iPhone XR2. ` The rumors also said that Apple is concentrated only on the release of 2019 iphones and not released any official statement regarding the next year`s projects. But, the fact behind all these rumors and leaks are Apple has a tradition of releasing its new genre of latest technologically updated iphones in every year that will be in between September end or October beginning.

The leaks also mentioned that the iPhone XR aka iPhone XR 2 is expected to be released more advanced in terms of specifications and new features. The prominent specialty of iPhone XR 2 is, it will be releasing with two cameras on the back panel. The high- end iphones of the year like the iPhone XR 2 also will be powered by second-gen 7nm Apple A13 chipset.

Other attractive changes in the latest genre of iphone are the gadgets will be available in multiple colors like, black, blue, yellow, red, and white. It means Apple decided to change the attitude of sticking on Apple`s traditional colors. But the sources also pointed out that, the special features and specifications not yet released by the house of Apple. Most of the features or the advanced applications will be a surprise for its users. Even though, the traditional iPhone users are still waiting with a great expectation of some latest new applications that the smart phone giant never tried on its any other predecessors.

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