GlobalSign announced its partnership with IoT firm Xage Security to offer identity management solutions

The GlobalSign, Global Certificate Authority (CA) Company has announced its partnership with Xage Security, an industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) cybersecurity company. According to the GlobalSign this partnership will offer a joint solution for identity management. With this joint partnership company will offer a converged method for identity management which will be consistent with the multiple standards.

GlobalSign announced the partnership with Xage Security on Wednesday. This partnership will help industries to use IoT based security solutions for protecting and safe-guarding their devices in industries.

 The GlobalSign is a global Certificate Authority (CA) company which is providing identity and security solutions. Company is also providing the identity and security solutions for the IoT devices for home and Industrial IoT (IIoT). Business and enterprises around the world is using GlobalSign solutions for online communications, managing digital identity, automatic authentication and encryption of data.

Xage is Security Company which uses blockchain-based security fabric for their universal security solution which is used in modern industrial operations. Software developed by Xage is used for human-to-machine, machine-to-machine, or edge-to-cloud secured and trusted communication. Solution can also be used to secure vulnerable legacy systems, delivering identity management, single sign-on, and access control with in-field enforcement across the industrial operation.

These days edge devices and edge computing is very popular among various industrial IoT installations. There are many legacy devices which are vulnerable to the external attacks. So, industries are looking for the highly trusted industry solution for securing large scale IIoT installation. Here GlobalSign and Xage solution might help such companies. Xage is already using Blockchain-based Fabric for safeguard the devices which makes it trusted solution for today’s IIoT security demand.

To solution developed by Xage for Industrial IoT is using the unique blockchain-protected Xage Fabric to safeguard every all the device, application, and human connecting to industrial networks, from edge-to-edge and edge-to-core.

This partnership will help Xage to take advantage of GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform for certificate enrollment, bringing additional enrollment capabilities to Xage’s distributed security fabric technology. The joint solution will be offer by GlobalSign and Xage to industrial IoT clients which will offer a converged and scalable method for identity management. This solution is consistent with multiple standards and protocol guidelines including 802.1AR, Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and IEC 62443. This solution will help industries to secure their IIoT devices and networks.

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