Latest macOS 10.14.4 update to increase the 2018 MacBook Air Brightness to 400 Nits

Technology giant Apple has launched macOs 10.14.4 update for its 2018 MacBook Air which will improve the brightness of screen. According to the reports this update increases the brightness of screen to 400 Nits. This update brings a boatload of upgrades and improvements to the macOS operating system. This update can be started by running the update from your 2018 MacBook’s software update section.

This update of macOS (macOS 10.14.0) also includes many updates and new Apple Music+. Company worked towards updating the brightness of screen with this update. Now if you update your MacBook Air you will start getting more brightness.

Apple has changed the specification of the new 2018 MacBookAir. The new updates for 2018 MacBook software most import feature is ability of increasing the brightness up to 400. Now many people will take this opportunity and increase the brightness of their 2018 MacBook Air.

This change now reflects an increase in the brighter display capacity of MacBook Air. When this update was released Apple did note in the changelog which says “corrects the default screen brightness”. So, this update is about correcting some piece of software which increases the brightness of the screen.

This software update of macOS 10.14.4 is quite small and can be install fast on the 2018 MacBookAir. This update is good news for the users who like to work with a bright screen. The bright screen is also good for viewing the videos and movies. It’s also good if you are working in bright place where lots of light is present.

In coming days people will start updating the system and real usefulness of this update will be posted by user on the social network site. More review of this update will bring details of more features in coming days.

The MacBook Air 2018 is expensive laptop from Apple which comes with 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8210Y (dual-core, 4 threads, 4MB cache, up to 3.6GHz) processor. It uses Intel UHD Graphics 617 graphic chip and come with 8GB (2,133MHz LPDDR3) of RAM. The screen size of this laptop is 13.3-inch, 2,560 x 1,600 with Retina display.

Laptop comes with a storage capacity of 256GB on PCIe SSD. The specification of this laptop is good but price wise it this device costly. This is one of the impressive note book released in 2018, now there is macOS 10.14.4 update which increases the brightness of screen.

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