Amazon acquires robotics startup Canvas Technology to get hold on autonomous warehouse robotics

Multinational technology company Amazon has acquired robotics startup  Canvas Technology which is working on the autonomous robotics based warehouse solution. The Canvas Technology is Boulder, Colo.-based startup company working on the fully autonomous robotics based warehouse solution. With this acquisition Amazon will add robotics based warehouse technologies in its growing technical capabilities. This acquisition will add greater capability in fulfillment center technology.

Amazon has already confirmed the acquisition of startup  Canvas Technology in a statement issue to TechCrunch. In the statement company expressed that the existing team of Canvas Technology will show their dedication of work and keep on inventing for customers.

The Canvas Technology is Boulder, Colo.-based startup company founded in 2015. Company showed fully autonomous cart system which help them to position as startup as a direct competitor to other big companies. This startup company raised a $15 million Series A led by Playground Global.

The Canvas Technology developed Autonomous Cart system which on demo did an impressive job avoiding people and obstacles in the crowded space. This system is designed using 3D imaging and an in-house developed software. The software system can be installed on the hardware to provide intelligence to the system; this technology can be used with the self-driving car in a warehouse setup.

This technology will bring a great advancement to the Amazon Robotics offerings. Amazon created its robotics division after the acquisition of Kiva Systems in 2012. Amazon is using robotics system at its many fulfilment centres.

Currently Amazon is operating over 100,000 systems across 25 fulfilment centres. This technology will certainly provide an edge over competitors to Amazon. Amazon is using own and third party devices at its fulfilment centres across the world.

Amazon will push for automatic AI based efficient delivery system through large scale automatics with the help of newly acquired technologies.

The safety is another big factor while designing such system, the added safety feature of new acquired system will help Amazon to design and operate efficient delivery system which is safer.

The autonomous computer vision based delivery system developed by Canvas Technology is much safer. This system is designed to work more efficiently and directly interact with the workers on the floor. This acquisition will bring lots of improvements to the Amazon autonomous warehouse deliver system.

The co-founder and CTO of Canvas, Nima Keivan will be onstage at our Robotics + AI event next week in Berkeley. This will also bring great knowledge to Amazon and will provide extra insight for company’s robotics project.

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