New leaks of ‘Pixel 3a’ smartphone form Google surfaced online

The Google’s accidental leaks of new ‘Pixel 3a’ smartphone suggest early release of new Smartphone from Google. According to the media reports Google accidently leaked a new Smartphone called ‘Pixel 3a’ on Google website. Later on the page was removed by Google but its screen grab is floating all over Internet.

As per the report this is new smartphone is from Google with the brand name ‘Pixel 3a’ which is expected to be unveiled by Google in coming months.

According to the media reports the device “Pixel 3a” is speculated to be rumoured “lite” version of Google’s “Pixel 3” Smartphone.

It is also noted that the name “Pixel 3a XL” was previously appeared in the Android Q’s beta code. All these suggest that Google is working on new smartphone which will be released soon with the upcoming version of Android Q operating system.

Although Google has removed the information from its website, the screen grab are floating all over the Internet. This leak suggests the technology giant has bundled the three devices “Pixel Buds” and “Pixel 3a case” with the “3a” device which is expected to be released soon in coming months.

The media report said “The phone were listed as ‘midyear experiences’ suggesting we wouldn’t have to wait until Google’s traditional October launch window for Pixel devices, but might see them as soon as this summer, possibly at Google’s I/O developer conference in May,”.

This week Google released second beta version of Android Q operating system which can be installed on the selected Android phones. The Android Q operating system comes with multitasking Bubbles, a foldables emulator, zoomable microphones, and more features.

The upcoming version of Android Q operating system will come with advanced features like AI, power saving, multitasking and many more.

The preview of Android Q operating system includes an updated SDK with system images for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and the official Android Emulator.

Users, who previously installed Android Q Beta 1 on your Pixel device, will automatically update to Beta 2.

It is expected that the ‘Pixel 3a’ Smartphone will have pre-installed Android Q operating system. There is no official information from Google about this new ‘Pixel 3a’ Smartphone.

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