Foxconn to start trial production of iPhone X models in India

Electronic technology giant Foxconn is set to start the trial production of much awaited made in India iPhone X models in India. This is the first time Apple is starting its production unit in India in collaboration with Foxconn at Chennai facility. Soon after trial production company is expected to start mass production at Chennai facility.

This is a great news for those waiting for made in India iPhone X models. Due to decline in Apple share in China and several restrictions, company is now decided to start production in India in collaboration with Foxconn.

The iPhone X is the Apple’s top-end model which comes with latest features and more processing power. Already there is huge market of this phone in India. Last year Apple sold over 140 million smartphones in Indian market and this is huge market size of Apple.

This initiative by Apple will further reduce the cost of iPhone top models which means direct increase in sales and revenue for company.

After several restrictions in China, Indian market seems next big market for Apple. So, company started trial production of top-end iPhone X models in India. This will diversify Apple business in Indian market.

According to media reports Foxconn Technology Group starting production of latest models of iPhones in India.

Company is expected to start mass production of top models of iPhone in India after success of trial production phase.

The cost of top models of iPhone is very high as compared to price in USA. For example iPhone XR was launched in India at a price of Rs 75,000 (Approx. $1100). While the cost of iPhone XR at time of launch in USA was $750.  So, there is huge gap in the price of iPhone in India.

Apple manufactures the Apple iPhone 6 and SE in India and looking forward to eliminate the import duties to reduce end user cost.

Indian government has already approved Rs 5000-crore proposal of increasing the production capabilities by Wistron. So, in coming months/years India will see mass production of iPhone models in the country. This will also increase the job prospects in the country.

In India iPhone is one of the most sold phones in the market and last year Apple recorded a sale of over 140 million smartphones.

Apple expected to add another major production unit in India due to worsening US-China trade war. Due to various reasons finally production of iPhone is started in India.

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