Window 7 support to end on 14 January 2020; Microsoft Windows 7 stated displaying notification

Software giant Microsoft is going to end the support for its very popular operating system ‘Windows 7’ on 14 January 2020 after 10 years of servicing.

Several users of Windows 7 operating systems stated getting notification about the end of support of popular operation system ‘Windows 7’ on 14 January 2020. Next year in January Microsoft is going to end the support for this operating system, which means end of life for this operating system and no further updates will be released by company after 14 January 2020.

The notification update being rolled out by Microsoft is displaying alerts about the end of life of ‘Windows 7’ operating system. The ‘Windows 7’ users who have turned on the automated updates are getting notification on their operating system. Through these updates company revealed its plan to end the support of Windows 7. This notification will give ample amount of time to ‘Windows 7’ users to upgrade to the latest ‘Windows 10’ operating system.

This notification said that after 10 years of servicing company is going to release its last update on 14 January 2020. This update will be last update of Windows 7 security update ending the support for Windows 7.

In the notification there is option for selecting “do not remind again” option which users can select if they wish not to receive further notification.

The Microsoft goal for Windows 10 was to install it on 1 billion devices, and the end of Windows 7 will further promote Windows 10 operating system among users of Windows operating system.

Windows 7 is still very popular operating system and being used by large number of people around the world. This notification will bring little problem to the users having low end computers. Windows 7 also runs well on low end computers and it requires less hardware resources to run the system. So, small number of users using old hardware will find this news little disturbing. Some might think to buy new powerful hardware and migrate to latest Windows 10 operating system.

So, now we know the end of life date for ‘Windows 7’ operating system. Window 7 users have enough time to upgrade to latest version of Windows 10 operating system.

It is easy to update ‘Windows 7’ to ‘Windows 10’ and for this you need licence of ‘Windows 10’. You buy licence of ‘Windows 10’ from Microsoft website or from reseller. Then run the ‘Windows 10’ installation which will upgrade your system to ‘Windows 10’.

You also buy new computer with pre-installed ‘Windows 10’ and then migrate your data to new system.

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